14 December 2020

Book “280 Days around the World”. Volume 1&2

Custom Lab has become a content partner of the book “280 Days around the World: The Story of One Dream” written by the traveller and the founder of the One Life travel community Artemiy Surin.

The work on the book lasted one year. Its total size is about 1.3 million printed characters and that’s an absolute record for the books written in the post-Soviet space. The book is divided into 2 equal volumes with a total size of over 900 pages. The first volume was published on October 13, 2020; the second one – on December, 10 of the same year. The book will be published in Russian and Ukrainian. In addition, at the next stages, the release of an electronic and audio version of the book is being planned.

“280 Days around the World” is a real adventure story of a man who circled the globe without flying according to the canons of the British Royal Society in 2018-19. The author of the book crossed 3 oceans, all 6 continents and more than 40 countries. He walked more than 100 thousand kilometres and crossed the equator twice. He saw the melting of Antarctic glaciers, the azure blue of French Polynesia and shocking Asia, and, being quite near his home, in Iran, he narrowly escaped life imprisonment for espionage.

This exciting sincere story of a Dream is going to blow you away.

The book “280 Days around the World” was published by Custom Lab in collaboration with the BookChef book publishing house. The chief editor of the book is Roman Sulima, CEO of Custom Lab.